When can I expect to receive my Destroyer?

Our Manufacturers are working hard to get you your Destroyer by December. The Destroyer makes the best holiday gift and looks beautiful all wrapped up under a tree. 

What ammo does the Destroyer fire?

Discs, baby, Discs! Those little discs of damage are foam and the size of silver dollars.  For those of you too young to know what a silver dollar is, it’s like a quarter that ate a really big lunch. 

Is there a biodegradable disc option?

Yes! Shelby Warriors will have the choice to purchase biodegradable foam discs. We love the Earth! 

What is the average firing range?
You can hit a target of up to 80 feet ten times in a row. Is this a challenge? Yes, try it and hit it eleven times in a row. 
What is the FPS on the Destroyer?

The Destroyer FPS ranges from 85-120 fps. Now that’s some heat! 

What is the age range?

We want everyone to join in on the fun (safely, of course), which is why the Destroyer comes with four speed settings. Out of the box the first two speed settings are for 8-13 years of age. Connect your Destroyer to the Shelby app and verify your age to unlock the two higher speed settings for ages 13-101! 

What is the battery life?

The battery voltage is still being tested, but our professional blaster testers (our kids) have played an entire day and the battery never died. Our battery is a removable, rechargeable Lithium battery with a charging dock. You can plug it in overnight and have a full charge the following day. There will absolutely be an option to purchase an additional battery and charging dock.

Should I wear safety protection?

Safety is sexy, so each Destroyer comes with a pair of safety tactical glasses to protect your precious face. All the cool people wear safety gear..  

How does the Shelby Force app work?

Fire up your bluetooth to connect your Destroyer to the Shelby force app. Once connected you will have access to six additional LED colors, customizable LED firing patterns, two additional speeds, the ability to find other local Shelby Warriors, and oh so much more!

Will the Shelby Force app be Android, Google App, and IOS compatible?

You betcha! 

Is there a warranty on the Destroyer?

Just a little 25-year warranty, you know, no big deal. We make em like they used to and we believe in making high quality products built to outblast and outlast. Will the Destroyer become the most prized possession in the will?

What is the expected flight profile for discs from this blaster? (For example, the Magnus effect builds in a tendency for Rival-type rounds to curve.)

NERD ALERT: We use a higher density foam than the standard EVA or coated EVA foam used in competitive products.  The higher density contributes to a better transfer of rotational and translational energy during the firing process. Did you get all that? Basically, the disc shape along with our higher density foam, contributes to a higher level of accuracy.


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